Rincon Recreation

Winter Registration:

Winter basketball registration will open October 15 and run through November 3! For more information contact us at 912-826-0238.

Outdoor Movie Nights

We will be hosting our annual Trunk or Treat coupled with our outdoor movie night on October 19! Come out for tricks, treats and a movie! Also be sure to stop by our haunted house which will run all weekend! We will be updating our Outdoor Movie Night information here, as well as on our Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter. Please like and follow to make sure you are up to date on any upcoming events, registrations, and activities we may have to offer!

Rincon Recreation is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth athletes to LEARN the fundamentals of the game. As we prepare for our Preseason Tournaments and get ready to begin our regular season, we would like to remind ALL parents, coaches and players of our sportsmanship policies. Please be respectful of all other players, parents, coaches, officials, and staff members. Also, please be courteous of our parks and fields. We work very hard to keep the park clean and the facilities in good condition. Please pick up after yourself and strive to help us keep it clean. We are looking forward to the season, as there has been a lot of great baseball and softball played thus far.

The athletes are just kids
The umpires are human
Coaches are volunteers
No one is getting drafted at the ballpark