Rincon Recreation

FYI: NEW Basketball AGE CONTROL DATE is September 1, 2018


Football, Soccer, Cheer Registrations

July 16th – August 5th

Age Control Date: Football – August 1, 2018 / Soccer – January 1, 2018 / Cheer – August 1, 2018


Age Groups:
Football (5 & 6) (7 & 8) (9 & 10) (11 & 12)
Soccer    (3-5) (6 & 7) (8 & 9) (10 & 11) (12-14)
Cheer      (5 &6) (7 & 8) (9 & 10) (11 & 12)

Please visit the link below to view our Registration page. Or click the “Register” tab at the top of the site. If you already have a Community Pass Account, you can simply log in and register your child.
One Child – $65
Two Children – $120
Three or More – $170
$25 – PLUS Uniform Cost
Youth – $50
Adult –  $52



Football 2018 Update:

Rincon Recreation will have a football team in the CAA League (Rincon Raiders) as well as a team in the South Georgia Youth Football League (Rincon Colts). Both leagues are open to anyone who wants to participate in Rincon Rec. Football, no matter where you live. 

The Rincon Colts will only have 20 Roster Spots per age group and will have tryouts. If your child does not make the Colts team they will be placed on a team that will play in the CAA League. 



Rincon Recreation is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth athletes to LEARN the fundamentals of the game. As we conclude our Preseason Tournaments and get ready to begin our regular season, we would like to remind ALL parents, coaches and players of our sportsmanship policies. Please be respectful of all other players, parents, coaches, officials, and staff members. Also, please be courteous of our parks and fields. We work very hard to keep the park clean and the facilities in good condition. Please pick up after your self and strive to help us keep it clean. We are looking forward to the season, as there has been a lot of great baseball and softball played thus far.


The athletes are just kids
The umpires are human
Coaches are volunteers
No one is getting drafted at the ballpark