Parents – Rules of Conduct

Parents – Rules of Conduct

Dear Parents, Coaches and Spectators,

We would like to remind you once again about the code of ethics that you signed when registering your child to play with the Rincon Recreation Department.  Unsportsmanlike attitudes will NOT be tolerated toward players, coaches, official or any rec staff member.  Foul language at anytime will also NOT be tolerated.   If you are seen acting in this manner you will be asked to leave the park and serve a game suspension.  After the second violation, you will be banned from the park for the remainder of that season in progress. Remember it takes effort on everyone’s part in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for the youth in our community.  You must be willing to put the emotional and physical well being of the players and kids ahead of any personal desire to win. You should always provide nothing but positive support to all involved in the game.


Rincon Recreation Staff



1.These are Kids

2.This is a Game

3.The Coaches are Volunteers

4.The Officials are Human

5.This is Not the World Series


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