Revised Game Times of the Pre-Season #1 Tournament

Game Time Announcement

Coaches, the following will be your revised game times for your first game of the Pre- Season #1 tournament at Macomber Park.

Flea Girls
Mills vs. Aiken, 3-19 at 6pm on Field 4
Reynolds vs. Norton, 3-19 at 7:15pm on Field 4

Mite Boys
Brown vs. Clark, 3-19 at 6pm on Field 3
Turner vs. Dorsey, 3-19 at 5:45pm on Field 2
Exley vs. Osella, 3-19 at 7pm on Field 2
Giavatto vs. Gibson, 3-19 at 7:15 on Field 3
Zittrauer, 3-20 at 6:00 on Field 3
Morgan, 3-20 at 5:45 on Field 2

Midget Girls
Little vs. Ramirez, 3-19 at 7:30 on Field 1
Lindsay vs. Lupton, 3-19 at 6pm on Field 1
R. Johnson, 3-20 at 6pm on Field 1

Junior Boys
Holton vs. Patrick, 3-19 at 8:10 on Field 2
Jones vs. Proctor, 3-20 at 8:10 on Field 2
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