Revised Game Times of the Pre-Season #2 Tournament

Coaches, the following will be your game times for your first game of the Pre- Season #2 tournament at Macomber Park. In the case of Flea Boy’s, please pay attention to the double headers that will occur in the first night because of high participation.

Flea Boys
Hales vs. Stogner, 3-25 at 5:45 on Field 2
Lowery vs. Edwards, 3-25 at 5:45 on Field 3
Sessions vs. Edenfield, 3-25 at 5:45 on Field 4
Sanders vs. Barkley, 3-25 at 7:00 on Field 4
Morris vs. (winner of Lowery vs. Edwards) 3-25 at 7:00 on Field 3
Jarrett vs. (winner of Hales vs. Stogner) 3-25 at 7:00 on Field 2

Mite Girls
Roberts vs. D. Dickey, 3-25 at 7pm on Field 1
Horton vs. Rodenberry, 3-25 at 5:45 on Field 1
Rivera vs. (winner of Horton vs. Rodenberry) 3-26 at 5:45 on Field 1

Midget Boys
Pittman vs. Tirey, 3-25 at 8:10 on Field 1
Orsini vs. Young, 3-25 at 8:10 on Field 2
Carter vs. (winner of  Orsini vs. Young) 3-26 at 6pm on Field 2

Junior Girls
Ready vs. Heidt- Harris, 3-25 at 8:10 on Field 1
Rouse vs. Cooler, 3-26 at 8:10 0n Field 1


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