A Tribute To Peter Giles Jr.

A living tribute

September 1, 2015 10:32 p.m.


A park that bears his name now has a living symbol to honor the memory of Peter Giles Jr.
Members of Rincon City Council and city staff and the Giles family helped plant a tree Thursday that eventually will bear a plaque honoring thelate veteran and civic leader.“He was always a motivator, encouraging you to stand up for what you believed in,” said Rincon City Council member Levi Scott. “He took pride in the community and demonstrated that pride. He was willing to help you and offer encouragement.”

Giles Park, off Atlantic Avenue, was named in his honor. Giles passed away July 14.

“When I came into the community 22 years ago, I began to know people, meet people and before I knew Mr. Giles, I knew of him,” said Mayor Ken Lee. “I saw and heard from other people how highly-regarded and highly-respected he was, and when I met him, I knew why.

“He was a kind, caring man who was easy to like. I enjoyed knowing Mr. Giles the short time I did and I enjoyed interacting with him.”

Giles served in the Navy in World War II and in civilian life later, he was instrumental in getting several city streets paved and he also was named grand marshal of the 2008 Martin Luther King Jr. Day Observance parade.

“He and my dad were like this,” said Scott, intertwining his index and middle fingers. “Couldn’t rip them apart. It’s great to have someone we can honor. I just I wish could continue to pass it forward.”

Said Lee: “However we can honor him, I’m glad we’re able to do it.”

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