Request Field/Cage

We would like to give community members the opportunity to use our baseball and softball fields for practicing and holding events. However, it is important to remember that this is a privilege and you should take great care of our facilities and equipment.

The Rincon Recreation Department is growing and adding programs so we can only schedule you for a field or a batting cage 1 week in advance.

By Monday evening of every week the schedule for the following week will be posted on the Field Scheduling page.

For example, if you request a field for Monday August 12th, then the schedule would be posted on Monday August 5th, which indicates whether your request was honored.

NOTE: You may go to the ballpark and find a field that is open and you can practice; however, those on the schedule always have priority use of the field!!!

If you would like to attempt to reserve a field or a batting cage please follow this simple 3 step process!

1.) Fill out the form below. Or e-mail the Time, Date and Field number or batting cage number requested AND YOUR NAME to

2.) Check the Field Scheduling page.

3.) Check your e-mail because more information may be needed to complete your request!

Field/Cage Request